Tuesday, 8 November 2011

It's not the number that counts; it's action

Recently I've seen a couple of organisations embracing the measurement of customer/client satisfaction.

This is good, and there's even been 'Net Promoter-esque' measurement methodologies employed based on The Ultimate Question.

Now they have their numbers both these organisations have 'wimped-out' when it comes to the important bit - taking action.

Receiving of the feedback is just the beginning of the real interaction. Sure, you have your number but where's the value for your customers/clients?

Don't ask if you don't intend to act. When you ask for feedback there is an unwritten deal made; that you will act on it, or say why it does not make sense for you to do so.

Surely asking for feedback then ignoring the opportunity for two-way dialogue is worse than not asking at all.

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