Monday, 29 March 2010

Socially irresponsible!

Three years ago I saw Jeremiah Owyang and Ben McConnell speak about new tools becoming available and how the new fangled ‘social media’ and ‘citizen marketers’ were going to change customer advocacy. Forever.

They each spoke of a connected world where genuine peer opinion was still equally or more valid and influential than carefully-crafted PR, the difference was that this online opinion would shout louder and have more impact than any marketing we were currently doing.
This stuff would change what we do and how we thought about customer advocates. A seminal moment.

For me this was the first time I’d truly seen the connection between the ethereal world of the web and the day-to-day existence of the customer reference professional. Not everyone agreed and some did not want to agree as they could see the impact.

Three years later...I am annoyed about how things are working out. I'm optimistic too, even wondering if we should even consider giving marketing money away to another part of the the can read it here

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