Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Doing the big stuff in a 'need it now' world

How do you find time to concentrate on the important as opposed the immediate?

Allocating time for thought and creativity is something that does not easily fit a standard business plan or weekly agenda when there is always going to be more 'need it now' than you can manage.

This year is a case in point: it's March already, how did that happen? A lot achieved (interesting client work, a research project, team growth, new clients, masses of planning and our 2010 Customer Reference Forum involvement) yet five or six of around ten important long-term development projects are waiting for action.

I'm sure it's the same for you, the issue is that some of these projects are the self-created 'what-if's that no-one is going to chase yet these are the ones with the capacity to change everything.

There is a lot of 'need it now' that is not real; sometimes deadlines are ridiculous due to poor planning, other times we put pressure on ourselves by over promising and sometimes the 'need it now' is simply not real.

I'm making rest of March about the big stuff, the long-term, the potential game-changers. They may be sitting on the 'hard pile' but these projects are the art and the fun as well as long-term business and career critical.

Do you have some 'big stuff' ideas and projects just like this? We need to get into the routine of allocating big-stuff time in a 'need it now' world.

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