Monday, 4 January 2010

New Year, new philosophy, new Godin's Linchpin

2010 finds this reference geek back in a newly-organised office, no idea of the feng shui impact but the room seems to flow much better than before. I'm really excited about the possibilities for this year and reckon it's going to be a breakthrough year on many levels both professional and personal.

With this in mind I've just finished reading the advance 62 pages of Seth's new book, Linchpin; exactly the right thoughts and energy for taking a new year head-on.

Can't wait for the full book to be available in the UK.

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Robin Hamilton said...

update now I've finished the book.
This is Seth in fine form; the departure being that this is more about you than about your business. There are a couple of messages early on that set off my American-self-help-guru alarm however the proposition is sound.

For me this book is not about how to make yourself essential enough not to be fired but more about how we spend a LOT of time at work and that changing your attitude and giving time, knowledge and emotion (art) has a positive effect. For everyone.

More great sound bites in this book that you can count; currently the one imprinted on my brain is `Doesn't matter if you're always right. It matters that you're always moving'. You will learn about `ART', the `Lizard Brain', `The powerful culture of Gifts' and much more; Seth is issuing you a wake-up call and a challenge to change.

As with most things Seth-shaped I loved it and am thinking differently after reading it. Recommended.