Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Glaswegian interpreters (rubbery gubs?) required

We've worked in and translated from 21 languages but have just become aware of a new translation service required in Glasgow, just a few hundred miles from our UK HQ.

A translation firm is recruiting interpreters to help visiting businessmen understand the Glaswegian dialect, which some consider the most impenetrable in the UK.

Normally this company translates documents but it seems there is a genuine demand for this service.

See the full BBC article here. Some examples of the dialect are:

  • Beezer - (something good)
  • Bingo Bus - (police van)
  • Boudo - (money)
  • Connie - (candle)
  • Donner - (a walk)
  • Dreich - (bad/wet weather)
  • Fae - (from)
  • Geeza - (may I please have)
  • Heavy Scran - (good food)
  • Melt - (face)
  • Naw, Nae - (no)
  • Piece - (sandwich)
  • Rubbery Gub (big mouth)
  • Shoot the craw (leave in a hurry)

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