Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Everyone's a Critic But They're Not Very Critical

Apparently online reviewers are not nearly nasty enough, tending to leave positive reviews - the average is around 4.3 stars out of five.

Interestingly, negative reviews seem to be trusted more; on the basis you can't please all the people all the time companies with some negative feedback will be perceived as genuine and worth dealing with.

Paid or company reviews make a mockery of review mechanisms; added to this there is a lot of online discussion concerning sites removing or making it difficult to add negative reviews. Not easy to police.

I think it's time for a score of 3 to be seen as good; 5 as excellent, or even better for a 10-point scale to be used.EBay does not like sellers with average feedback of less than (on a 5-point scale) so we have a way to go.

Go on, get real with your online reviews, not every transaction can be 5-point-tastic.

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