Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Google does not use keyword meta tags to find your case studies

Recently the subject of keywords and META tags has come up with a couple of clients.

Case studies can be a large investment and quite rightly you want the reference materials you create to reach the largest audience possible and also for the major search engines to pick them up.

I was amazed to learn Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking (and Google is not alone here).

This change happened some years ago due to keywords meta tags being abused via the addition of hundreds of unrelated words or naming competitors and their products. Rigging the game can only be a short term ploy.

Google also states the 'description' tag is not used for search ranking but IS displayed in results (which I know as I had a typo in mine which took a while to propagate through once I had changed it)

Of course keywords may have a use for less sophisticated search engines and also many companies use these for the search functionality of their document management systems.
See video below or read the transcript.

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