Thursday, 24 September 2009

Customers comment - Google Sidewiki meets Brands in Public

Not just one but TWO new ways for the opinions and comments from Joe Public, (both advocates and detractors) to be made visible in a relevant way, either gathered together or actually alongside an organisation's webpages, one from Squidoo and one from Google.

Brands in Public
Nice project this. My colleagues and I have been evaluating Radian6 and other social media monitoring tools this year with some success and it's really interesting to see what the Squidoo team has been cooking up around brand.

Brands in Public is a single page about a Brand, unofficial pages (but not for long I suspect with the sponsorship options) that aggregate together positive and negative comment from Twitter, YouTube, blog posts. Google trends too. The good and the bad.

here's Dell In Public so you can check out the concept

Google Sidewiki
This is far, far more controversial and I cannot believe Google will be able to keep Sidewiki in this form.
Sikewiki adds an expandable column to the lefthand side of your browser (via Google toolbar) where you can read and add comments about the content on the specific web page you are viewing at the time.
There is no 'owner' or moderator, rather Google uses algorithms to try and ensure the most useful content appears higher in the list and hateful comments are way lower.
'Open' and 'social' are good however this sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen IMHO.

Does anyone remember Third Voice? Exactly, we have been here before; maybe Google has the muscle tomake it work this time.

Sidewiki could be a game-changing tool which benefits everyone however there is a lot of bigotry, ignorance and hatred out there, as well as lame marketers that create negative comments about their completion rather than creating great ideas that spread.

I'm watching this one with interest.

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