Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Agency giants lumber onto the WOM bandwagon. Yawn...

Omincom and the other lumbering giants now feel its time to get on the WOM bandwagon. When you check the detail it's just the same old 'control' nonsense in a new format; this is still 1950s marketing.


When are agencies such as this going to realise their game is over? Buzz is largely vanity and an irrelevance and what drives WOM and advocacy in general is the total customer experience; companies that do remarkable things get remarked on. Simple as that.

The smart money backs the specialist agencies that help advocates tell their story effectively and 'spin free'.

The half-promised 'viral WOM in 5 easy steps' approach that occurs when large agencies try to 'productize magic' is a hoax; it cannot be planned by an agency, nor can it be bought.

This is not yet another opportunity to push messaging, it's a conversation.

Wake up, smell the coffee and if it smells great then tell your friends and see what they think :o)

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