Tuesday, 28 July 2009

My name is Robin and I am a shopaholic

My name is Robin and I am a shopaholic.
I have a weakness for Thomas Pink shirts; this is a company built on a great product and customer service.

In fact it's hard to walk past any of their airport outlets without finding a reason to add something stripy in a 17.5" collar to my hand-baggage.

The real test of a company comes when there's a problem; I recently ordered black'n pink number in the sale that (unusually) happened to be in my size.

One week later into the inbox pops an 'oops' email saying that they did not in fact have this item. Slightly annoyed to see it still advertised in their online store I called Pink to mention this (yes they gave me a name and a number).

The result? They tracked down a shirt an even offered to amend the sleeve length FOC.

Advocacy result? I would have forgiven them anyway however I'm even more of a Thomas Pink advocate thanks to Natasha D'Aranjo in their customer service/web team.

My name is Robin and I'm a shopaholic, it's been one week since my last shirt purchase...

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