Monday, 1 June 2009

Net Promoter; a wasted opportunity?

Net Promoter (when implemented properly) is inspiring, creating organisational change, rewarding excellence while giving a voice to dissatisfied customers.

On its own as a 'vanity' number? A wasted opportunity (though many companies stop at just this point)

I believe you judge how seriously a company takes Net Promoter with a simple question (not ultimate!) 'Does your senior management pick up the phone and respond to any scores of seven or less? (or even five or less?). It's about how you deal with detractors that counts; even if you have taken the business decision not to invest time with lost causes and sack them.

Q) Has anyone any experience of IBM’s CFiq (Customer Focused Insight Quotient)?

It goes beyond a single measure of satisfaction or likelihood to recommend. After all, a happy customer isn’t necessarily one who automatically converts into new sales or even stays as your customer. The CFiq takes a more sophisticated approach by combining responses to three statements to obtain a more predictive and commercially viable view of advocacy.

The three statements advocates agree with are:
1. I would recommend my XXXX to friends and family.
2. I would buy my next product from XXXXX
3. If another XXXXX offered me a competitive product/service/solution I would remain with XXXXX.

Overall it’s an interesting progression; Net Promoter (Satmetrix) is focusing on certification to bring some rules to the game; good thing too. Fred Reicheld’s vision of meaningful feedback re customer satisfaction gathered as close to the point of delivery as possible, with organisational support is worth protecting.

See also CRP-specific post by Barbara Krasner

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