Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Google Wave - really impressive integration

Integrated Email, IM, Twitter, Blog, and real-time collaboration. You have got to hand it to Google; they are never short of ideas and Google Wave (aside from search) is the best one yet.

I came across this video earlier today and found myself watching the whole 1:20 (sorry boss).

The integration is impressive (if you juggle email, IM, Blog and Twitter you will relate to this) however it's the real-time collaboration capabilities that I believe sets this future product apart. You don't have to read down a complete email trail, you can insert comments in relevant areas and see who said what, and when. you can even edit the edits.

A change in the way you think, but not a big one.

One moment that stood out for me was the contextual real-time translation and spell-checking capabilities. We have come a long way from Babel Fish and Word.

Some detailed reviews:

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