Thursday, 23 April 2009


I'm a few weeks into trying life with Twitter and finding it really interesting. Thoughts thus far:

  • Use TweetDeck or some other content aggregating tool

  • There are seemingly hundreds of sad people simply wanting number of connections

  • Stephen Fry's twitter feed is delightful

  • Guy Kawasaki tweets way too much - I wish I could filter for the good stuff

  • Jeremiah Owyang's volume is about right (but seems to be increasing)

  • I blog less

  • Direct messages are nice

  • It's really nice to learn more about people outside of working relationships

  • There is a LOT of drivel out there (like this!)

  • I'm going to stick with it, currently more useful than annoying

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The good samaritan

I lost my wallet today, well for some of the day...
On my way to visit some colleagues and a client I purchased half a dozen creme eggs to spread some Easter good wishes and obviously placed my wallet on the car roof as I struggled to avoid making a chocolate omelette.
Cue a phone call two hours later from a lovely lady from 3M who found my wallet at the side of the road, retrieved all the cards and cash that had fallen from it, made two phone calls to track me down and would not hear of receiving a small reward for her trouble (not even a creme egg).

Just thinking about the hassle of replacing my driver's licence and bank cards gives me a headache.

Linda from 3M in Bracknell - thank you :o)