Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Seth - looking for YES

As usual Seth is on the money with his post 'Looking for YES'. There is a minority that make stuff happen, ignoring red tape and just doing the right thing, finding ways to say 'yes' and not 'no'.

Jobsworths create remarkable customer experiences, but not in a good way. I recently decided to avoid queuing and use the online checkout when vacating a US hotel. The departure time was a couple of hours away so a colleague and I decided to go grab a coffee, forgetting that San Francisco is pretty much closed until 11am on a Sunday.

We walked some distance and while returning to the hotel the heavens opened and we were both completely soaked to the skin. Needless to say my key card no longer worked so Marvin from security came to let me in.

Marvin was a jobsworth, apparently I could go into my room to retrieve my luggage while he stood guard but under no circumstances could I dry myself and change my clothes for my journey home. Oh, and also I should have thought of this before using the online checkout...

Astounding, and the apology from the hotel manager was as wet as my Calvin Kleins were by this point.

Now looking for a another San Francisco hotel, preferably one without a Marvin.

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