Monday, 19 January 2009

it's good to talk

This used to to the the strap line for one of the funkiest mobile phone brands - Orange. I loved their marketing and wanted to belong to the club. Around seventeen years ago a phone cost £300 and Orange had about three transmitters in the UK yet I was still queuing outside the Orange dealer. The customer service was amazing - lose your phone and one would be motorcycle-couriered to you, anywhere, within a two-hour time window of your choosing. Amazing.

Fast forward to 2008/09. Confusing tariffs, even more confused staff and deals not designed for families. Add one year (yes one whole year) of speaking to call centres for hours on end without any success and we have arrived at today.

Today I leave Orange.

Even if I have to pay off the remainder of an 18-month agreement I am still leaving. What happened to such an amazing brand? I cannot believe that Orange's acquisition by France Telecom is responsible.

There is a lesson here for any brand. It's interesting how 'tribes' work; we forgive brands most things as long as the core experience remains special.

I note Orange is currently running a strap line 'together we can do more'.

Too little, too late. I loved this brand and they blew it.

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