Thursday, 8 January 2009

Customers - your biggest threat or secret weapon?

IBM is running a vertically-segmented advocacy campaign (advising companies re creating advocates through using their technologies). It’s under the banner of ‘customers - are they your biggest threat or secret weapon’?

It uses a measure created back in 2007 called Customer Focused Insight Quotient (CFiq) – aimed to be a more predictive and commercially viable view of advocacy. It is similar to Netpromoter in many ways and is based on an advocate agreeing with three statements:

1. I would recommend my XXXX to friends and family.
2. I would buy my next product/service/solution from XXXX
3. If another XXXX offered me a competitive product/service/solution I would remain with XXXX.

Their campaign is recognising the power of advocacy however I have just given up trying to find a link to their customer evidence/case studies.

hmmm :o)

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