Monday, 11 February 2008

Have we amazed you?

Needing some new keys we went into a shoe repair/key cutting shop in our local town; the sort of place with all sorts of crazy tools, spinning wheels and a nostalgic smell of glue and polish.

While there I noticed the post-paid cards on the front of the counter, 'Have we amazed you?' and 'Sorry you had a problem'. Both of these cards carried the shop code and used 'the ultimate question' and 1-10 Netpromoter scoring system.

Not only this but there was a sign above the counter that said that although they are all about service not to tip them but place a donation in the box for a children's charity, which they would then double.

Very impressive thus far and good to see Netpromoter in action. As it happens two of the keys do not function so let's see if this company lives up to this early promise!

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