Monday, 14 January 2008

Word of Big Mouth

With the biggest mouths in the capital, the London cabbie (taxi driver) is known for having opinions on just about anything, and eager to share them with you!

A UK company has decided to harness cabbie power, working with the tourism authority of Thailand to provide a free five-day trip to Bangkok for cabbie Driver Adrian Torlin, who is now only too keen to tell his captive audience about his experience.

He said "I thought Bangkok was great, and if I thought it was not good I would be telling people this too".

This is super; while Facebook advertising and paid WOM is gets such bad press the tourism authority of Thailand has so much faith in their 'product' they are risking all.
This is authenticity without control.
Apparently the average cab ride lasts 16 minutes; imagine how much good or bad WOM a London cabbie can squeeze into a quarter of an hour.

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