Friday, 30 November 2007

Show me yours then I'll show you mine

Something is changing within the eBay community. It's now become the norm for sellers to 'reciprocate feedback' i.e. only giving feedback once they have received feedback from buyers.

I have an issue with this. As soon as you have purchased and paid for an item you have completed your part of the deal and should be instantly rated by the seller, irrespective of how they perform and thus the feedback to which they are entitled.

Is this laziness, a way to increase the volume of feedback sellers receive, or something more sinister; an implied 'leave me good feedback and I will respond, if you are thinking of leaving me neutral or bad feedback just remember that I can do the same for you'?

Two years ago things were not like this; what's changed? I have been watching this for a while and my last 15 purchases did not receive unsolicited seller feedback, however a few did generate 'show me yours then I'll show you mine' messages.

Who would have thought that we would have small online vendors acting like old-fashioned corporates; trying to control the conversation?

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