Friday, 16 November 2007

Brian or Brand?

I want to tell you about Brian. He needs help.

Brian is a Chief Information Officer that loves to speak at conferences on behalf of vendors that have done great things to help transform his company. Not only this but he's very good at it, engaging and articulate; an amazing advocate.

What's Brian's problem? He has the misfortune to work for a non-global brand in a smaller country and is therefore invisible as an asset to marketers.

Does this make his evidence any less compelling or relevant for prospective customers?

Not a bit of it. He has gone through
the dip and out the other side and potential customers are smart enough to recognise this and visualise how to apply his learning to their businesses.

So why are marketers so hung up on Brand? Answers on a postcard please.

I vote for Brian over Brand. Actually I would like to help the Brians of this world gain enough exposure that the Brands pay big money to hire them resulting in Brian PLUS Brand.

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Anonymous said...

I personally feel that the best that can be hoped for is a Brand PLUS Brian situation - and not the other way around.

The concept of a brand, if you take away all the marketing buzz words around it and hundreds of newly developed interpretations postulated to encourage money being spent on advertising (deep breath...), is simply the public perception of a company.

Brian CAN alter that perception slightly but that is not his main purpose. Fundamentally he his there to validate it and convince anyone that will listen to him that the brand does what it says it will. - That, i suppose, is the key to reference marketings success. - BUT without the brand to draw the interest in the first place there would be no platform for Brian.... Infact, without the brand, Brian may not have taken up the service that he is now being asked to talk about!

So - while Brian plays a vital role in closing the deal, Brand is the one who brought people into the room to listen to him.

I suppose in the end it's all semantics - as we both agree on Brians value - just not his headline billing!

Brian - best supporting actor.