Thursday, 25 October 2007

What is it like to be one of your customers?

Sometimes I make potential clients feel uneasy. Hopefully in a good way :o)

One of the first questions we pose to any potential client that needs help to "mend a broken/ineffective reference programme" is "What is it like to be one of your customers?"

There is no shortage of advocates for great companies that constantly delight their customers; the trick is in making it an easy rewarding experience for them to discuss their experiences with like-minded souls.

It's not about control and payment of nameless customers that happen to work for a brand with which you wish to be associated; it's about people and (almost) impartial facilitation.

People are talking about you and your company anyway; decent companies that can handle and use the truth to improve are creating true reference communities that shorten sales cycles facilitate long-term business.

Better than being stuck in the short-term 'payment-for-spin cycle'.

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