Thursday, 20 September 2007

Do some of your best work; take time off

I have a brilliant job, really. I get to talk with people all over the world about their reference programmes (programs), working with them to create better ones.

While there are some universal constants such as 'How best to engage with the sales teams?' and 'Do we incentivise the customers and/or salespeople?' I am always amazed at the breadth of challenges requiring bespoke solutions.

Here's the thing, we run around from meeting to meeting and deadline to deadline so when do we have time to think and truly create?

Most creatives agree that their breakthrough ideas come when they are doing something completely unrelated and out of their normal 'work' environment; exercising, even walking seems to be top of the list.

Concentrating more and more on an issue is probably not the answer. I currently have some projects that require radical solutions.

Sounds like a need a day off...

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