Thursday, 13 September 2007

Detractor to Promoter in five minutes flat

I am pleased to report that customer service is alive and well in Cheshire, UK. Recently I hoped to enjoy a business dinner with a colleague in an impressive country house, converted into a hotel and extended to cope with the huddled masses.

The restaurant was recommended (good start) and was almost empty, however things went slowly (the perfect word) downhill as with well over an hour since placing an order and our meals yet to make an appearance I decided to have a discrete word with the maitre d', who swiftly informed me that it was indeed our fault for ordering things that took a while to prepare and maybe I should, on reflection, consider sushi or a blue steak next time.

My colleague had caught an early flight from Germany and we were just a the ' OK, let's leave' stage when our meals finally appeared. The food was great, however by this point I was in the middle of a real British 'never to return' rant (under my breath of course) and more likely to buy the latest 50cent greatest hits CD than act as a promoter for this establishment.

Then a strange thing happened. I was presented with a bill on which there was no charge whatsoever for food. I questioned the maitre d' who now agreed wholeheartedly that the service we had received was appalling and under no circumstances would he consider charging a single penny. Wow (this was a pricy eatery).

Ok so I'm back as a promoter, which goes to show that I can be bought. Easily.
Click here for a great meal in comfortable surroundings with slow but and excellent service :o)

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