Monday, 17 September 2007

343 million reasons to give customers a choice

Continuing the thought about Google and how a brand should keep delighting customers even (and maybe especially) when it achieves market dominance rather than abusing its position (an easy mistake to make) I found the Microsoft anti-trust ruling and £343m fine interesting.

Is this about giving consumers more choice, a European court taking a shot at an easy US target or a precedent for something bigger?

The legal team was quoted as saying:
"these principles of the judgement will not just apply to the Microsoft case...They will apply to any dominant company that engages in the same behaviour...It provides legal certainty now as to what you can and you can't do in relation to information you have to make available to companies who compete in your environment to enable them to be a viable competitor..."

I suspect that Google and eBay are watching developments in this case with interest.

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