Sunday, 5 August 2007

It's a long way from collateral to community

Recently while attending a reference conference in Berkeley (oh yeah, more fellow reference geeks than you could shake a stick at and a great time had by all) I watched the reaction to a presentation given by Jeremiah Owyang concerning the implications of social media for customer reference programmes.
This where things got a little strange; Jeremiah did a great job however I quickly became aware of an overwhelming reaction from the audience of 'how does this affect me?' or ' this is not my job'.

Now while monitoring the blogosphere to seek out and respond to posts may not fall into traditional reference activities we are talking about customers making positive or negative references and prospective customers are listening.

Surely the fact that we have a new way of interacting is a good thing; anything that can drag reference programmes from collateral to community is worth investigating.

'Web 2.o' and 'social media' may not be all that some would have us believe (there is a lot of 'so what' yet to be answered) but I believe that if we are not yet at he tipping point we should at least have a map for how we get there and know what we're going to have for lunch.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Robin

Check out Get Satisfaction, which I mentioned at the conference.

They're live now, and I see this as being one of many social media tools that will let prospects find the unbiased and unfiltered opinions of customers

I think that most agree that customers are 'everyone's job'!