Tuesday, 7 August 2007

How do you rate the raters?

One of the good things about Amazon and sites like it is that you can see all feedback from purchasers (check out Ben McConnell re adding review to e-tail); one of the not-so-good things is the activity I call 'adverfeedback' (adverts thinly disguised as feedback) which devalues the whole concept.

Now let's consider RateItAll where you can provide feedback on products and services; not only seeing who is providing feedback but selecting your own group of trusted or like-minded reviewers. Nice.

Also worth looking at is Jeremiah’s feedback and post concerning GetSatisfaction.com.

Not that I always agree with consensus; while 'Cheers' and 'The Golden Girls' were indeed fine programmes surely there's been some sort of mistake in the RateItAll list of top 80s TV. How can the smooth yuppie soap 'ThirtySomething' be placed in 76th position while 'Magnum P.I.' currently sits in the no. 11 spot? Can an undeniably fine moustache and exotic surroundings make up for an astonishing startling lack of plot or is irony a big factor in this chart?

Maybe the endorsement effect is exponential; the top results are a very clear indication of quality while there may not be much difference between position 10 and position 50 (or 76 in this case)...

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