Friday, 13 July 2007

ROMI wasn't built in a day

Closed loop is not for the faint of heart; all good things take time and dedication. Every company with which I talk places Return On Marketing Investment as the biggest marketing issue they currently face.
Organisations are right to question marketing expenditure; ACP variation, clickthrough rates and volume-based metrics only tell a small part of the story and those dedicated enough to follow the circle through at least one loop are heroes in my book.
This is a motion that is going to increase; it means getting granular and being relentless, OK so technology and process will support it but they are mere tools - it’s all about attitude.What I can tell you is that delivering ROMI is the most rewarding part of my job; 25 years in marketing and only now am I able to have meaningful conversations about the value of marketing to an organisation; so somewhat more than a day to get here but like Rome some things are all the better for the wait.

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