Saturday, 14 July 2007

Here come the MIBs

The time of the ‘men in black’ creatives will continue a while longer however those that cannot connect creative vision with the business outcomes of marketing do so at their peril. OK so this ties into the ROMI discussion but this is more of a philosophical quandary; where does creativity meet business for a marketer?
I have worked with teams where the word of the creative director was the law, which is a fine, if slightly old-fashioned way to run a team. I have also had the same experience as a client; ‘creatives’ telling me how I am going to spend my money to enable their ‘vision’ with no concept of accountability (other than their agency being removed from my list of suppliers).
Breaking the mould, thinking out of the box are great attributes which drive our industry (and let’s not kid ourselves, it is still a 90% perspiration 10% inspiration world) however agencies need to wake up to the fact that the buck has to stop somewhere and asking their client to take a creative journey with no thought for outcome is soooooo last century; the creative bubble is actually becoming a goldfish bowl.

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