Thursday, 26 July 2007

The Dirty Harry of referenceability

Recently I have found myself becoming somewhat of a Dirty Harry figure when faced with unnacceptable levels of service; not sure how this has happened. The most recent example was when I had an issue with the way that Tescos decided to discount a single copy of the new Harry Potter book if you spent £50 or more on groceries.
a)They did not make this decision to the last minute
b) I had spent £140 in the store 12 hours earlier
c) The store manager looked like a Saturday boy to me (must be getting old), I suddenly found myself uttering the phrase "you have a decision to make here, are you going to tell me that my thousands of pounds of custom p.a. is worth nothing to you and charge me full price on these three books, or are you going to do the right thing? do you feel lucky punk?" (ok so I did not use the last bit).
Armed with my 'customer advocacy professional with a big mouth' credentials instead of a Magnum 45 and the near-riot that I was now starting in the foyer of the store the manager folded. Well-done Tescos; you were looking more like muggles than wizards at one point.

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